Kenneth H. Funk

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Process, or functional, modeling facilitates design and analysis of systems by providing a structure for communicating the interaction of information, resources, and activities. Automated modeling tools ease the development of complex process models and assist in navigation but there remains the problem of navigating between key areas while maintaining a(More)
The modern way of life is highly dependent upon the production of goods by industrial organizations that are in turn dependent upon their workers for their ongoing operations. Even though more than a century has passed since the dawn of the industrial revolution, many dangerous aspects of work, both physical and mental, remain in the workplace today. Using(More)
This paper presents a methodology to identify systemic vulnerabilities to human error during general anesthesia administration. In collaboration with anesthesiologists, a human factors engineering team developed a process hierarchy of general anesthesia administration for laparoscopic cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder). The process(More)
This paper describes the human-machine systems engineering process used to develop a prototype mobile communication and information system to facilitate preparation for emergency Caesarean sections in a rural hospital. The development team of engineering students, faculty, physicians, and nurses conducted a hierarchical process analysis to survey the(More)
Investigations for next generation contacts of silicon and SiGe devices show that a 2-step nickel salicidation process is favorable over a single step NiSi and over CoSi<sub>2</sub> in every respect and can be introduced easily in existing and advanced not fully depleted CMOS flows once the post silicidation thermal treatments can be kept below 700degC.(More)
High dopant activation and low implant damage are crucial in realizing the formation of a low resistivity ultra shallow junction (USJ). Future annealing process requires diffusion less activation and has ultimately define the junction depth. Conventional boron implant at ultra-low energies perform poorly in throughput and in energy contamination. Molecular(More)
A methodology to identify systemic vulnerabilities to human error in surgical procedures was developed and applied to the initial stages of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. A database of generic human tasks and errors was developed and applied to four task descriptions developed from an IDEF0 model of the process. Over 30 vulnerabilities to human error were(More)
The impact of a post deposition annealing step of ECD copper and of a predeposition annealing step on the Cu seed has been investigated. Compared to forming gas it can be demonstrated that the addition of a small amount of ethanol can very effectively reduce the surface and grain boundary oxidation with benefits for the electrical parameters. The impact of(More)
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