Kenneth G McQueen

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Metals are largely derived from the mantle or crust by partial melting and fluid-related leaching. Ligands can be provided from the same sources, or from the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Transport is mainly by mechanical or mass transfer mechanisms and by fluids. On and near the surface, biological processes can also concentrate and transport ore(More)
Early studies on sand dune movement and desertification in Iran have not always been convincingly demonstrated because of problems with the field-based measurements. In some areas where various land uses have been engulfed by aeolian sand dunes, desertification is clear, but in other less settled areas, it may not be so obvious. The objective of this study(More)
Geochemical anomalies are geochemical features different from what is considered normal. They can be the result of: 1. unusual or uncommon processes concentrating particular elements (e.g. an ore-forming process, weathering and element dispersion from an unusual element concentration such as an orebody); 2. element accumulation or concentration by common(More)
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