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Many nonpharmacologic (behavioral) techniques are being proposed for the therapy of essential hypertension. The research in this area is reviewed and divided roughly into two categories: the biofeedback and relaxation methodologies. While feedback can be used to lower pressures during laboratory training sessions, studies designed to alter basal blood(More)
  • K Frumkin
  • 1975
Attempts were made to condition taste aversions to the objects of two mineral-specific hungers. Both the innate preference of adrenalectomized rats for sodium and the learned preference of parathyroidectomized rats for calcium were studied. None of the sodium-deficient rats poisoned after drinking sodium chloride (NaCl) reached a taste-avoidance criterion,(More)
BACKGROUND Epidemiologic issues of testing, treatment, prevention, immunization, mandated reporting, and post-exposure prophylaxis do not often intrude on the Emergency Department management of the well-appearing adolescent or adult with a couple of weeks of cough. OBJECTIVES Considering that waning immunity to pertussis, the only vaccine-preventable(More)
We are perhaps America's greatest source of unquestioned and unquestioning care for the poor. The acutely ill and injured need us desperately, every hour of every day. No one who comes to the door of any ED needing our services fails to receive our best efforts. Emergency physicians freely place themselves at risk from violence and the deadliest of(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency Department (ED) headache patients are commonly treated with neuroleptic antiemetics like metoclopramide. Haloperidol has been shown to be effective for migraine treatment. STUDY OBJECTIVE Our study compared the use of metoclopramide vs. haloperidol to treat ED migraine patients. METHODS A prospective, double-blinded, randomized(More)
A 4-year-old presented to the emergency department, asymptomatic, with the strong suspicion (by history, physical examination, and initial radiographic interpretation by the emergency physician) of an esophageal coin. Closer inspection revealed radiographic signs associated with disk battery ingestion, a surgical emergency. In the operating room(More)