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Implications of the northwestwardly younger age of the volcanic rocks of west-central California
Erosional remnants of volcanic fields in west-central California form a linear northwest-trending belt growing younger in age to the northwest. Major fields within the belt are represented by theExpand
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Seismic reflection profiling across Tertiary extensional structures in the eastern Amargosa Desert, southern Nevada, Basin and Range province
Outcrops, shallow well control, and coincident geophysical surveys are used to interpret a seismic reflection profile in the Amargosa Desert, within the Basin and Range province, of southern Nevada.Expand
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Stratigraphic and structural framework of Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Sedimentary strata consist of highly folded and faulted 600 to 300-m.y.-old Late Proterozoic and Paleozoic rocks, and are estimated to reach a maximum thickness of about 11 km. One deep hole, drilledExpand
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Geology, geochemistry, and isotopic character of the Colville Igneous Complex, northeastern Washington
The Colville Igneous Complex in northeastern Washington comprises Paleocene orthogneisses and leucocratic granitic rocks and Eocene volcanic-plutonic suites which were emplaced during early TertiaryExpand
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Geologic framework and Cenozoic evolution of the Yucca Mountain area, Nevada
Yucca Mountain, Nevada, has been proposed as the site of a high-level nuclear waste repository. The purpose of this paper is to outline aspects of the geology and tectonics of the area which bear onExpand
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Paleomagnetic results for Eocene volcanic rocks from northeastern Washington and the tertiary tectonics of the Pacific Northwest
The direction of remanent magnetization for 102 sites in Eocene volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of the O'Brien Creek Formation, Sanpoil Volcanics, and Klondike Mountain Formation suggestsExpand
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