Kenneth Egan

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We report the first experimental evidence of the cyclic form of ozone, found in three air stable surface reconstructions of MgO (111) annealed above 1450 ±C. The MgO s111d-s p 3 3 p 3 dR30± surface consists of equilateral oxygen trimers while the MgO s111d-s2 3 2d and MgO s111d-s2 p 3 3 2 p 3 dR30± surfaces are periodic arrangements of trimers and single(More)
The assessment presented in the core paper of this debate by Schafer and Kegley does not adequately describe the computational methodology or sources of data that were used to estimate exposures. While it is difficult to determine from the article, the exposure estimates seem to be very dependent on action levels, rather than on empirically derived data.(More)
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