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Shadowed Ground: America's Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy
From the battlefield at Gettysburg to the Oklahoma City block where the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building once stood, sites of violence and tragedy have left indelible marks on the AmericanExpand
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Foreign-born Scholars in US Universities: Issues, Concerns, and Strategies
This symposium focuses on foreign-born geographers pursuing careers in US colleges and universities. Though foreign-born scholars make up a significant portion of the US geography professoriate,Expand
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Building Disciplinary Collaborations on the World Wide Web: Strategies and Barriers.
Abstract Geographers have begun to experiment with using the World Wide Web to cultivate national and international collaborations in instruction and research by creating digital libraries,Expand
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Concerns, Attitudes, and Abilities of Early-Career Geography Faculty
Abstract Professional experiences during graduate school through the first few years of an academic appointment shape patterns of work and social behavior that prefigure the long-term success of newExpand
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Creating a community of support for graduate students and early career academics
This paper focuses on strategies for enhancing the preparation of geographers moving into academic careers. Based on research and experience gained from the Geography Faculty Development Alliance andExpand
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From Cheltenham to Honolulu: The purposes and projects of the International Network for Learning and Teaching (INLT) in geography in higher education
A variety of challenges and opportunities associated with educational change, technological shifts and resource limitations make appropriate an international network for geography education. Such aExpand
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Historical space as narrative medium: on the configuration of spatial narratives of time at historical sites
This paper examines how narratives of history are organized spatially at historical sites and memorial spaces, especially in urban settings and in places invested with a sense of collective memory.Expand
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Toward better mentoring for early career faculty: results of a study of US geographers
Interviews and a survey were conducted to assess both the structure and content of mentoring and advising provided to early‐career faculty in geography. Results indicated three broad conditions forExpand
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To Remember and Forget: Archives, Memory, and Culture
The idea of archives as collective memory is sometimes employed as a metaphor for discussing the social and cultural role of archives. It is argued here that the idea is more than a metaphor and isExpand
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