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This study aims to provide a picture of how relationship quality can influence customer loyalty or loyalty in the business-to-business context. Building on prior research, we propose relationship quality as a higher construct comprising trust, commitment, satisfaction and service quality. These dimensions of relationship quality can reasonably explain the(More)
Complexes of cell-surface receptors and their ligands are commonly internalized by endocytosis and enter a prelysosomal endosomal pathway for further processing. Fluorescence microscopy and video recording of living cells to trace the passage of ligand-receptor complexes has identified the endosomal compartment as an extensive network of tubular cisternae.(More)
Wild-type and mutant human transferrin receptors have been expressed in chicken embryo fibroblasts using a helper-independent retroviral vector. The internalization of mutant human transferrin receptors, in which all but four of the 61 amino acids of the cytoplasmic domain had been deleted, was greatly impaired. However, when expressed at high levels, such(More)
The presence of estrogen receptor protein and estrogen receptor messenger RNA was revealed in peripheral ganglionic neurons of the rat. The pelvic parasympathetic autonomic ganglion and lumbosacral dorsal root sensory ganglia were examined for estrogen receptor-containing neurons because they have known projections to the uterus and uterine cervix. The(More)
Working in Afghanistan's capital city of Kabul, the authors assessed the relative contribution of daily stressors and war-related experiences of violence and loss to levels of depression, PTSD, impaired functioning, and a culturally specific measure of general psychological distress. For women, daily stressors were a better predictor than war experiences of(More)
The spinal cord contains mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors which mediate the antinociceptive effects of opioid agonists administered onto the spinal cord. In this study, we characterized the binding sites for highly-selective mu, delta and kappa opioid radioligands and quantified the distribution of opioid binding sites in rat lumbosacral spinal cord(More)
In addition to using glutamate as a neurotransmitter at central synapses, many primary sensory neurons release glutamate from peripheral terminals. Primary sensory neurons with cell bodies in dorsal root or trigeminal ganglia produce glutaminase, the synthetic enzyme for glutamate, and transport the enzyme in mitochondria to peripheral terminals. Vesicular(More)
This study compared the distribution of methionine enkephalin-, dynorphin A 1-8-, and neurotensin-immunoreactive (IR) perikarya in laminae I and IV-VII of selected segments of lumbar spinal cord of cat(L5) and rat(4). Immunoreactive neurons for each peptide were found throughout the dorsal horn and dorsal lamina VII but were quantified only within laminae I(More)
Physiological studies indicate that neurons in the upper cervical spinal cord have descending projections to the lumbosacral spinal cord and mediate inhibition of dorsal horn neurons activated from afferent input. In the present study, retrograde tracing techniques were used to examine the distribution of propriospinal neurons in C1-C2 spinal segments that(More)
This article examines the centrality of trauma-focused psychiatric epidemiology (TFPE) in research with war-affected populations. The authors question the utility of the dominant focus on posttraumatic stress disorder and other disorders of Western psychiatry, and they identify a set of critical research foci related to mental health work with communities(More)