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The design of an Evolvable Machine VHDL Core is presented, representing a discrete-time processing structure capable of supporting control system applications. This VHDL Core is implemented in an FPGA and is interfaced with an evolutionary algorithm implemented in firmware on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to create an evolvable system platform. The(More)
The use of wavelets in the image processing domain is still in its infancy, and largely associated with image compression. With the advent of the dual-tree hypercomplex wavelet transform (D-HWT) and its improved shift invariance and directional selectivity, applications in other areas of image processing are more conceivable. This paper discusses the(More)
Dynamically typed scripting languages have become popular in recent years. Although interpreted languages allow for substantial reduction of software development time, they are often rejected due to performance concerns. In this paper we present an extension for the programming language Ruby, called HornetsEye, which facilitates the development of real-time(More)
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