Kenneth Curry

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This paper describes the process evaluation of an out-patient detoxification service (ODS) established by Drug Health Services (DHS) to increase the supervised withdrawal options for substance users in a Sydney metropolitan Area Health Service. The ODS aimed to provide a safe and effective supervised withdrawal to substance users who were at low risk of(More)
Methadone maintained treatment (MMT) patients may be given less opioid analgesia for acute pain than the general patient, due to requests for analgesia being misinterpreted as craving for drugs. Pain studies have showed that MMT patients have hyperalgesic responses and that cross-tolerance to opioids may be present, suggesting that they may need more(More)
Negative attitudes to patients with substance misuse disorders form a well-recognised barrier to the implementation of best practice. The influence of structured education and clinical experience on the attitudes of medical students towards substance misusers was investigated at an Australian university. First-year students were surveyed before and after 3(More)
Prison inmates were administered the Holtzman Inkblot Technique (HIT) under conditions of either verbal or nonverbal reinforcement of movement responses. Overall, there were no differences among the verbal, nonverbal, and control groups. Inmates charged with violent crimes were found to give the fewest movement responses. With crime category controlled,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to assess short-term ambulatory withdrawal management (AWM) outcomes at a drug health service (DHS) in Sydney, Australia, in the absence of specific funding. METHODS A clinic file audit review was conducted of patients who commenced AWM at the service during January 2009-June 2011. Successful completion was(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Case-management is a client-centred intervention to improve the coordination and continuity of delivery of services for people with complex needs. This service has been incorporated into opioid treatment programs in various ways. This study was undertaken to compare two case-management models, termed individual case-management (ICM)(More)
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