Kenneth Cirimelli

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Radionuclide angiography (RNA) and cholescintigraphy were performed prospectively in 300 patients with suspected acute cholecystitis (AC). Of 79 patients with positive RNA, 63 had AC (80%). Positive RNA was seen in 23 of 26 cases with gangrenous AC (88%) while 12 of the 26 had a positive "rim" sign (46%). All 12 patients with a positive "rim" sign had(More)
Focal gallbladder tenderness is the most important physical finding in suspected acute cholecystitis. We describe a technique using palpation of the abdomen with the placement of a radioactive marker on the point of maximum tenderness. Correlation of the marked area to the location of the gallbladder fossa is made. This integration of palpation and(More)
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