Kenneth Chisholm

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10 hyper-code target configuration documentation link back to documentation links to related hyper-code links to components another version Figure 11. System documentation with links hyper-code and configuration information ensure that all are kept in lock-step and consistent with one another. This does not ensure that documentation is accurate, since that(More)
Much research has been carried out into solving routing problems using both Evolutionary Techniques and other methods. In this paper the authors investigate the usage of an Evolutionary Algorithms to solve the Street-Based Routing Problem (SBRP). The SBRP is a subset of the Travelling Salesman Problem that deals specifically with a street-based environment.(More)
Street based routing (SBR) is a real-world inspired routing problem that builds routes within an urban area for mail deliveries. The authors have previously attempted to solve this problem using an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA). In this paper the authors examine a heuristic mutation based on concept of building blocks. In this case a building block is defined(More)
This paper reviews the authors' recent work in using a Genetic Algorithm (GA) to optimise the board evaluation function of a game-playing program. The test-bed used for this study has been the game of draughts (checkers). A pool of draughts programs are played against each other in a round-robin (all-play-all) tournament to evaluate the fitness of each(More)