Kenneth Chisholm

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The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between two theoretically distinct aspects of children's emotional responses (Lewis & Michalson, 1983), their emotional experience (via verbal report) and emotional state (via nonverbal expression), in response to emotion-evoking stimuli. A related objective was to assess the concordance of these two(More)
This paper investigates the solving of a real world routing problem using evolutionary algorithms embedded within a Multi-agent system (MAS). An architecture for the MAS is proposed and mechanisms for controlling the interactions of agents are investigated. The control mechanism used in the final solution is based on the concept of agents submitting bids to(More)
Street based routing (SBR) is a real-world inspired routing problem that builds routes within an urban area for mail deliveries. The authors have previously attempted to solve this problem using an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA). In this paper the authors examine a heuristic mutation based on concept of building blocks. In this case a building block is defined(More)
This article describes and directly links to 1033 Acanthamoeba castellanii mitochondrial protein sequences. Of these, 709 are supported by Mass Spectrometry (MS) data (676 nucleus-encoded and 33 mitochondrion-encoded). Two of these entries are previously unannotated mtDNA-encoded proteins, which we identify as highly divergent mitochondrial ribosomal(More)