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Comparative Analysis of Three Time Series Trend Models on Gross Domestic Product in Nigeria
This work fitted three time series trend models namely, linear trend model, quadratic trend model and exponential trend model on Gross Domestic Product of Nigeria using an annual data from 1982 toExpand
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Time Series Analysis of Demand for Domestic Air Travel in Nigeria
This work fitted three time series models namely, AR (1) model, MA (1) model and ARMA (1,0,1) model on demand for domestic air travel in Nigeria using quarterly data from 2003 to 2012. It was foundExpand
Comparative Analysis of Methods of Estimating 2- Parameter Weibull Distribution
This work focused on comparing three methods of estimating 2-parameter Weibull distribution by using the Mean Squared Error (MSE) as test criterion. Three methods of estimation were used, namely,Expand