Kenneth C. Moses

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During a 3-year period 1527 patients with burns were admitted to a regional burn unit in Augusta, Georgia. Two hundred thirty patients (15.06%) were referred for consultation by an ophthalmologist. Thirty-two patients had preexisting ophthalmic problems that were believed to warrant consultation. One hundred eighty-nine patients were seen because of facial(More)
In order to mimic and better understand the way an earthworm uses its many segments to navigate diverse terrain, this paper describes the design, performance, and sensing capabilities of a new modular soft robotic worm. The robot, Compliant Modular Mesh Worm (CMMWorm), utilizes a compliant mesh actuated at modular segments to create waveforms along its(More)
Although enucleation is orbit soft tissue surgery, the techniques of the latter are in general not fully applied in the standard enucleation procedure. Controlled enucleation does employ such techniques: identification and suture-tagging of tissues, meticulous hemostasis, dissection under direct visualization, fixation (without crushing) of the optic nerve,(More)
A novel approach to fabricating and testing artificial insect wings has been developed. Utilizing these new techniques, locally harvested hawk moth (Manduca sexta) forewings are compared to engineered forewings with varying wing structures. A number of small, flexible engineered forewings were fabricated with identical planform size and shape but with(More)
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