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K e n n e t h C. L a u d o n ROTECTING individual information privacy is a widely accepted value in democratic societies—without which the concept of democracy based on individual choice makes little sense [1, 7]. Since the 1960s, many nations have developed privacy protection laws and regulations to guard against unfettered government and private use of(More)
SUMMARY The business model of Facebook is to collect as much personal information on its users as is technically possible, and socially acceptable, and then to sell that information to advertisers in the form of targeted advertising both on the Facebook Web site and on partner Web sites, who use the information to personalize ads. This video describes how(More)
For sophomore/MBA-level MIS and Information Systems courses taught in MIS, IS, CIS, Business and Management departments. Ideal for courses on the quarter system and those that combine an MIS text with hands-on software, projects, or case studies. This exceptionally practical text prepares students for the constantly changing demands of using information(More)
SUMMARY Lotus Sametime is an IBM virtual collaboration environment which is used by firms as a part of their enterprise systems. The objective of these systems is to increase collaboration among remote or mobile work teams while not increasing travel costs and meeting costs. Using video, audio, and interactive software, Lotus Sametime allows groups of(More)
This article tests two competing theories of system development referred to here as environmental and institutional models. These models form the basis for most explanations of why systems are developed and utilized. We will examine both models in detail and apply them to a single set of data concerned with the emerging national computerized criminal(More)