Kenneth C. Hoffman

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Selected military personnel are immunized with an FDA-licensed anthrax vaccine unless there are clinical contraindications. The objective of this analysis is to capture the experience of soldiers receiving anthrax vaccine to assist in better patient-provider communication and clarify the safety profile of the vaccine in this population as a(More)
Systems of systems engineering (SoSE) takes place in the broader context of an enterprise, which we define very generally as a purposeful or industrious undertaking. Enterprises of greatest interest for SoSE are typically complex, multi-agent organizations or sets of organizations exhibiting the characteristics of Complex Adaptive Systems, including(More)
The Center for Enterprise Modernization, the civil-agency center of the MITRE Corporation, is performing continuing research to explore the issues surrounding enterprise modernization planning in a multi agency environment. The objective is to support integrated mission and information technology planning covering enterprise strategic plans, performance(More)
Building on over two years of success in adapting geographic information system (GIS), simulation, and Web service technologies to support the planning needs of government agency coalitions, the Multi Agency Planning (MAP) MITRE Sponsored Research (MSR) team is working to integrate these technologies into a seamless Web service portal. Our approach is to(More)
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