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BACKGROUND Recent studies suggest that colonoscopies done in the morning have better-quality bowel preparations than those done in the afternoon. OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine how the duration of the interval between the end of the preparation and the start of the colonoscopy affects preparation quality. DESIGN We prospectively studied consecutive(More)
Glioblastomas are highly lethal cancers for which conventional therapies provide only palliation. The cellular heterogeneity of glioblastomas is manifest in genetic and epigenetic variation with both stochastic and hierarchical models informing cellular phenotypes. At the apex of the hierarchy is a self-renewing, tumorigenic, cancer stem cell (CSC). The(More)
Keywords: Green dam-youth escort censor-ware project Internet censorship policy China Civic participation Thematic analysis a b s t r a c t The educated and affluent Internet users in China have posed great threats to the stability and legitimacy of Chinese communist's regime where the access of non-government dominated information become a possibility. To(More)