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A computer investigation of error control coding techniques on bit error patterns recorded on an experimental northern latitude meteor burst link is presented. Automatic repeat request (ARQ) and hybrid forward error correction @EX) with ARQ are examined from the standpoint of probability of message delivery and encountered delays with respect to message(More)
The traditional approach to discrete digital simulation was to develop a mathematical or statistical model to represent a process, program the model on a large-scale computer, and then execute the model to obtain performance results. The products of a design or simulation effort were a listing of computer code, a document describing the computer code, and a(More)
Variable connectivity distributed routing networks (VCDRNs) are networks designed with the goal of reliably delivering message traffic even when network connectivity (both routing node to routing node and subscriber to routing node) is continuously and unpredictably changing. A general-purpose point-to-point VCDRN which provides optimum (fewest hop)(More)
A Massey diffuse convolutional decoder was simulated in the IBM 7030 computer 'aid used to decode binary digital error patterns measured at 2*4-00 bits/sec on an HF radio circuit and on a multiple link data circuit dominated by a tropospheric scatter path. It was found that the simulation performed at least as well as previous cyclic code simulations on HF(More)
Error patterns of high-speed digital data transmission over an operational long-haul HF data link have been obtained for extensive time periods and used to develop statistical descriptions. Distribution functions have been calculated for the cases of consecutive errors, error-free intervals, and bursts and their associated intervals, and processed to obtain(More)
D ATA communication on fading and multipath channels is a continuing problem for those in remote areas who cannot afford or obtain satellite coverage. The need for radio communications on these channels also exists in the military, which is concerned about jamming and the vulnerability of satellites. Long-haul communication on HF radio is via a fading(More)
Dietitians have the opportunity to be leaders in providing medical nutrition therapy and home-delivered meals for people with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) in the community setting. Four community agencies developed the Visiting Nurse Service HIV/Home Delivered Meals Program. Fifty clients with the diagnosis of(More)
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