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OBJECTIVE The ATP-dependent K+-channel (K(ATP)) is critical for glucose sensing and normal glucagon and insulin secretion from pancreatic endocrine alpha- and beta-cells. Gastrointestinal endocrine(More)
INTRODUCTION Migraine pain is thought to involve an increase in trigeminal nerve terminal activity around large cerebral and meningeal arteries, leading to vasodilatation. Because prostaglandin E(2)(More)
Triptans, a family of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) 1B, 1D, and 1F receptor agonists, are used in the acute treatment of migraine attacks. The site of action and subtypes of the 5-HT(1) receptor that(More)
Glucose is the main energy substrate for neurons, and ketone bodies are known to be alternative substrates. However, the capacity of ketone bodies to support different neuronal functions is still(More)