Kenneth Anene Agu

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Background: The failure to monitor and link patients from HIV testing to HIV care and retain them in care until they are eligible for ART is a major barrier to early ART initiation. This study evaluated the retention in pre-ART care of HIV-positive patients who are ineligible to start ART in Nigeria. Methods: Out of 1766 ART-ineligible HIV-positive patients(More)
Under-reporting of ADR may be associated with poor knowledge, attitudes and practices to pharmacovigilance. This study evaluated knowledge, attitudes and practices of healthcare professionals about ADR monitoring and reporting following interventions. This longitudinal study included 36 healthcare professionals participating in ART program in a tertiary(More)
Background The patient’s perception and satisfaction are increasingly considered as a useful factor in the assessment of competency of health care providers and quality of care. However, these patient focused assessments are largely ignored when assessing health care outcomes. Objective The study assessed the perception and satisfaction of patients(More)
PURPOSE This study assessed the incidence and types of medication errors, interventions and outcomes in patients on antiretroviral therapy (ART) in selected HIV treatment centres in Nigeria. METHODS Of 69 health facilities that had program for active screening of medication errors, 14 were randomly selected for prospective cohort assessment. All patients(More)
AIM This study evaluated the suspected adverse drug reactions (ADR) reported from a spontaneous reporting program in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) positive patients receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Nigeria. MATERIALS AND METHODS This descriptive study analyzed individual case safety reports (ICSRs) in HIV-positive patients receiving ART(More)
Methods Assessment of 196 HIV-infected patients on combination ART regimens was performed after 18 months of therapy. Medication adherence assessment of 69 followup target groups was based on a study-specific questionnaire. Paired sample t-test and simple linear correlation were used to test the association of the CD4-cell Counts at different time(More)
Purpose: This study investigated mortality rate, early CD4 responses, pattern of ARVs substitutions and medication adherence of HIV-infected patients on first-line triple combination antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Central Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria. Methods: A retrospective assessment of 196 HIV-infected patients on first-line combination ART regimens(More)
BACKGROUND The use of medicines is an essential component of many public health programs (PHPs). Medicines are important not only for their capacity to treat and prevent diseases. The public confidence in healthcare system is inevitably linked to their confidence in the availability of safe and effective medicines and the measures for ensuring their(More)
Medication adherence is a major determinant of antiretroviral treatment (ART) success. Promptness in medication refill pick-ups may give an indication of medication adherence. This study determined medication refill adherence among HIV positive patients on ART and its association with treatment outcomes in HIV treatment centers in Nigeria. This(More)
Author details Department of Operations Research, HIV/AIDS Program. Population Council, Nigeria. No. 16, Mafemi Crescent, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria. Department of Health Policy and Management, Diadem Consults Ltd, Abuja, Nigeria. Management Sciences for Health, Abuja, Nigeria. Howard University PACE Center, Washington, USA. Society for Family Health, Abuja,(More)