Kenneth A. Pisciotto

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The latest Mesozoic and earliest Tertiary sediments at Deep Sea Drilling Project site 524 provide an amplified record of environmental and biostratographic changes at the end of Cretaceous. Closely spaced samples, representing time intervals as short as 10(2) or 10(3) years, were analyzed for their bulk carbonate and trace-metal compositions, and for oxygen(More)
Over a broad region of the eastern Japan Sea, Neogene opaline diatomaceous sediments alter with depth to hard porcellanites and cherts composed of opal-CT and quartz. We examined the oxygen isotopic compositions of these diagenetic silica minerals at four widely spaced sites occupied during ODP Leg 127 in order to investigate the thermal history of the(More)
Leg 76 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project achieved two major scientific objectives. The first objective was met at Site 533, where on the Blake Outer Ridge, gas hydrates were identified by geophysical, geochemical, and geological studies. Gashydrate decomposition produced a volumetric expansion of 20: I of gas volume to pore-fluid volume; this expansion(More)
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