Kenneth A. Morrison

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To investigate relationshi.Qs between mercury speciation and site-specific factors in temperate freshwaters, we measured the concentration of seven Hg species along with 18 environmental variables in the surface waters of 23 northern Wisconsin lakes during spring and fall. The lakes spanned relatively wide gradients in Hg (0.15-4.8 ng liter ') and(More)
The cycle of waterborne methylmercury (meHg) in Little Rock Lake is characterized by a period of accumulation during summertime (when the lake is warm and open to the atmosphere) and a period of decline during winter (when the lake is sealed by ice). We followed this cycle for 16 yr, during which time the lake was acidified with H 2 SO 4 and then allowed to(More)
Open-loop accommodation levels were measured in 41 healthy, young subjects using a Shin-Nippon SRW-5000 autorefractor in the three viewing conditions: a small physical pinhole pupil (SP), an optically projected pinhole in Maxwellian view (MV) and in the dark (DF). The target viewed through the pinholes was a high-contrast letter presented at 0 D vergence in(More)
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