Kenneth A. Marko

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A new anomaly detection scheme based on growing structure multiple model system (GSMMS) is proposed in this paper to detect and quantify the effects of anomalies. The GSMMS algorithm combines the advantages of growing self-organizing networks with efficient local model parameter estimation into an integrated framework for modeling and identification of(More)
The problem of diagnosing faults in the electronic control systems now present in most new cars is considered. The authors have addressed this problem by developing an efficient data acquisition system for automotive applications which can obtain the full record of data exchanged between any electronic controller and the mechanical system in the vehicle.(More)
As more electronic devices are integrated into automobiles to improve the reliability, drivability and maintainability, automotive diagnosis becomes increasingly difficult to deal with. Unavoidable design defects, quality variations in the production process as well as different usage patterns make it is infeasible to foresee all possible faults that may(More)
Increases in functionality, power and intelligence of modern engineered systems led to complex systems with a large number of interconnected dynamic subsystems. In such machines, faults in one subsystem can cascade and affect the behavior of numerous other subsystems. This complicates the traditional fault monitoring procedures because of the need to train(More)
The technique of coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy can be used to obtain spectra in or near the reaction zone of combustion systems with spatial resolution on the order of 0.1 mm and time resolution on the order of 10 nsec. The latter is achieved by recording the entire spectrum generated during a single laser pulse by a broadband Stokes beam,(More)
While conventional approaches to diagnostics focus on detecting and identifying situations or behaviors which have previously been known to occur or can be anticipated, anomaly detection focuses on detecting and quantifying deviations away from learned “normal” behavior. A new anomaly detection scheme based on Growing Structure Multiple Model System(GSMMS)(More)
This paper contains a discussion of the relation between the angular distributions of the coherently emitted radiation and the angular distribution of the incident beams in a degenerate four-wave mixing experiment, when two of the input beams are derived from the same laser source. The objective of the discussion is to obtain beam configurations that permit(More)
Demands on the performance of vehicle control and diagnostic systems are steadily increasing as a consequence of stiff global competition and government mandates. In the United States, light trucks and passenger cars are required both to meet strict emission standards and to perform continuous diagnostics of all emissions systems operating in the vehicle.(More)
An attempt has been made to model a production engine control module. Both extended Kalman filter (EKF) algorithm and iterated extended Kalman filter (IEKF) algorithm are used in the construction of the model. The results shows the model trained by both algorithms can produce accurate results with RMS errors in a range of 2- 3%, while iterated extended(More)