Kenneth A. Hicks

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Although detailed information is typically scarce during a project's early phases, developers frequently need to make key decisions about trade-offs among quality requirements. Developers in many fields-including systems, hardware, and software engineering-routinely make such decisions on the basis of a shallow of the situation or on past experience, which(More)
During the early phases of projects' lifecycles, detailed information is scarce; yet there is frequent need to make key decisions, especially those concerning tradeoffs among quality requirements. Trading among competing concerns occurs in many fields, e.g. systems engineering, hardware engineering, and software engineering. Here, we report on our design(More)
Despite two decades of significant investments in R&D of Integrated System Health Management (ISHM), mission-critical applications of it in aerospace are few and far between. ISHM is subject to the general difficulty of transitioning technologies out of R&D labs and into practical applications. New and unproven methods such as ISHM introduce multiple(More)
Successful and convincing operation of a prototype, deployed in a real setting, is a key step in advancement of many a new technology from research laboratory to real-world use. Often, however, such a deployment must be interjected into a pre-existing context of ongoing activities, established designs and standard practices. That context can pose a number(More)
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