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If a Horn set I has a single satisfying truth assignment or model then that model is said to be unique for I. The question of determining whether a unique model exists for a given Horn set I is shown to be solved in O((L) L) time, where L is the sum of the lengths of the clauses in I and is the inverse Ackermann function. It is also shown that if L A log(A)(More)
Data gathering is a fundamental operation in wireless sensor networks. For the online data gathering problem, we consider the key issues of balancing the load on the nodes to achieve longer network lifetime, and that of balancing the load on the network links to achieve greater reliability in the network. We model the given network as a shortest-distance(More)
In this paper we study the latency effects introduced in large scale internet applications. In particular, we study the effects of heterogeneous latency on reachability in decentralized, distributed networks operating under flooding protocols. We show that the standard protocol mechanisms of time-to-live (TTL) and unique message identification (UID), used(More)
We present a mathematical model for network routing based on generating paths in a consistent direction. Our development is based on an algebraic and geometric framework for defining a directional coordinate system for real vector spaces. Our model, which generalizes graph st-numberings, is based on mapping the nodes of a network to points in(More)
File sharing is a very popular service provided by peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. In a P2P file-sharing network, users share files and issue queries to the network to find the locations of the files residing at other peer nodes. Due to factors such as large user base and use of query broadcast protocols, each node in the network receives many search queries(More)
Sensor Nodes: Small devices with sensing, wireless communication capabilities and limited power supply Hundreds or thousands of nodes may be deployed randomly Sensor networks are an example of ad-hoc wireless networks. Scalability −→ Self-organization is the only option.