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Rigorous results on valence-bond ground states in antiferromagnets.
We present rigorous results on a phase in antiferromagnets in one dimension and more, which we call a valence-bond solid. The ground state is simply constructed out of valence bonds, isExpand
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Monte carlo simulation with time step quantification in terms of langevin dynamics
For the description of thermally activated dynamics in systems of classical magnetic moments numerical methods are desirable. We consider a simple model for isolated magnetic particles in a uniformExpand
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Proof of the Peierls instability in one dimension.
  • Kennedy, Lieb
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 21 September 1987
Frohlich and Peierls showed that a one-dimensional system with a half-filled band can lower its ground-state energy by a dimerization from period l to period 2. It was an open question whether or notExpand
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The XY model has long-range order for all spins and all dimensions greater than one.
The quantum XY model of interacting spins on a hypercubic lattice has long-range order in the ground state for all values of the spin and all dimensions greater than one. We also show that in theExpand
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Spectrally resolved Overhauser shifts in single GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum dots.
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Precision electroweak experiments and heavy physics: A global analysis.
The radiative corrections of heavy degenerate and nondegenerate electroweak multiplets do not decouple from low-energy experiments. Their effects can be parametrized in a generalExpand
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Noise without noise: A new Monte Carlo method.
  • Kennedy, Kuti
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 10 June 1985
A new Monte Carlo method is introduced which generates configurations according to any desired probability distribution. Unlike previous techniques, which require the relative probability of any twoExpand
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SPRITE MRI with prepared magnetization and centric k-space sampling
A technique for imaging materials with short transverse relaxation times and prepared longitudinal magnetization is proposed. The technique is single-point ramped imaging with T1-enhancement (SPRITE)Expand
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Symmetry and electronic structure of the Mn impurity in ZnS nanocrystals.
The symmetry and electronic structure of the Mn impurity in ZnS nanocrystals have been studied with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR). Experiments were performed at 9 and 35 GHz on crystals withExpand
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Nonlinear dynamics of dual-frequency-pumped multiwave mixing in optical fibers.
We investigate the nonlinear dynamics of dual-frequency-pumped four-wave mixing in both the normal- and the anomalous-dispersion regime of optical fibers. We compare the exactly integrable dynamicsExpand
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