Kennedy C Ukadike

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Muscle-eye-brain disease (MEB), is caused by mutations in the POMGnT1 gene. We describe a white family with two siblings affected with congenital hypotonia early-onset glaucoma, and psychomotor delays. Brain magnetic resonance images (MRIs) showed hydrocephalus, bilateral frontal polymicrogyria, abnormal cerebellum, and characteristic flattened dystrophic(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim is to use information from cytogenetic anomalies to identify candidate genes for autism. METHODS We have identified a male patient with mental retardation and autism who has a balanced translocation involving chromosomes 6 and 7, described as t(6;7)(p11-p12;q22). This translocation was inherited from an apparently normal father. (More)
Identification of genes affected by disease-associated rare chromosomal rearrangements has led to the cloning of several disease genes. Here we have used a simple approach involving allele-specific RT-PCR-based detection of gene expression to identify a gene affected by a balanced autosome;autosome translocation. We identified a transcribed SNP (tSNP),(More)
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