Kenji Yoshida

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This paper describes a new design rule checking system for LSI mask patterns. Major features of the system are a relatively small computing time needed, even for very large circuits (e.g. 10,000 elements), wide applications to a variety of fabrication processes, due to its functional flexibility, and minimized spurious errors.
The VCore [1](*) based design methodology, which has been developed at the VCDS (**) Project, is a SoC design methodology using VCores. A VCore is a reusable, high level abstracted design component. We have developed the VCore based design methodology and the VCDS tool prototype. We used the developed tool and did a trial SoC design. The design result(More)
A new LSI artwork analysis and processing system, called EMAP, is described with algorithms, a database schema and applications. EMAP provides the designer with the artwork verification and processing tools which include mask artwork processing, geometrical design rule checking, connectivity analysis and electrical circuit parameter calculation. The circuit(More)
This paper describes three programs which perform connectivity rule check, logic gate recognition for logic simulation and circuit connectivity comparison. These programs have been developed for verifying circuit connectivity extracted from mask artwork. Powerful algorithms are used in these programs, including a heuristic graph comparison algorithm, to(More)
In this paper, we will investigate the impacts of miniaturization of device dimensions that causes a paradigm shift in LSI design methodology. Major design issues in deep sub-micron LSIs, namely, wire delay , circuit complexity and power consumption will be discussed based on scaling theory. To resolve these issues , a concept called Layout Driven Synthesis(More)
The distributed materials database system named 'Data-Free-Way' has been developed by four organizations under a cooperative agreement in order to share new and accumulated information for use in the development of advanced nuclear materials and for use in the design of structural components, etc. In order to make the system more valuable, the development(More)
Keywords: Quantity categorization Cue co-variation Language-specific cues Word-level prosody Finnish Japanese A B S T R A C T The present study investigates how listeners of Finnish and Japanese, languages with very similar contrasts in plosive quantity (short vs. long), use language-specific phonetic knowledge of acoustic attributes which covary with(More)
The demand for d-2-phenylglycine used to synthesize semisynthetic antibiotics and pesticides is increasing. We have isolated a Chryseobacterium sp. that selectively transformed the l-form of racemic d,l-2-phenylglycine to (2S)-2-acetylamide-2-phenylacetic acid with a molar yield of 50 % and an enantiomer excess of >99.5 % under optimal culture conditions,(More)