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In this paper, we introduce tactile graphics production software for three-dimensional projections. A blind person can use this software without assistance from the sighted and produce tactile graphics of three-dimensional projections. With this software, we want to study the limitation of tactile recognition of projections and improve the guidelines of(More)
The 3D internal structure microscopy (3D-ISM) was applied to the equine ovary, which possesses peculiar structural characteristics. Stereolithography was applied to make a life-sized model by means of data obtained from 3D-ISM. Images from serially sliced surfaces contributed to a successful 3D reconstruction of the equine ovary. Photopolymerized resin(More)
Three types of intelligent puzzle, a three-dimensional Escher puzzle (3DES), a 3D jigsaw puzzle (3DJG) and a color matching cubocatahedron puzzle (CUB), are developed by layer manufacturing. Each puzzle contains a common packing problem. Furthermore, there exist two important mechanisms, the rotation of CUB and the translation of 3DJG. 3DES is obtained on(More)