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Sixteen patients with nonsuppressible solitary hot thyroid lesions (SHTL) identified on T3 suppression images using Tc-99m sodium pertechnetate were studied over a period of 5 years. Of the 16 patients, 7 (44%) had papillary adenocarcinoma (PAC) and 9 (56%) had follicular adenoma (FA). Of the 7 patients with PAC, 3 were toxic and 4 nontoxic. Of the 9(More)
Cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD) is an autosomal dominant human bone disease characterized by hypoplastic or aplastic clavicles, wide cranial sutures, supernumerary teeth, short stature, and other skeletal disorders. Recently, various mutations of the core binding factor (CBFA1) gene have been detected in CCD patients. The CBFA1 gene is a member of the runt(More)
With the purpose of achieving early detection and performing 131I therapy for metastatic lesions of differentiated thyroid cancer, we studied the clinical findings in 132 patients who underwent 131I total body scanning (131I TBS) between 1981 and 1990. Metastatic lesions were detected only by 131I TBS in 24 (18%) of the 132 patients. Of the 49 patients(More)
The oral-facial-digital syndromes (OFDS) represent a heterogenous group of disorders characterized by oral malformation, facial anomalies, and digital anomalies. Type II OFDS was reported by Mohr in 1941. Mohr syndrome is an autosomal recessive inherited disease characterized by median cleft lip, poly lobed tongue, absence of medial incisors, and(More)
Ideally, treatment for fingertip injury should involve the least pain possible, using durable and sensate skin with due consideration to aesthetic aspects. This paper presents two cases of fingertip reconstruction through the use of thenar flaps and nail bed grafts. In either case, injury had been due to fingertip crushing and reconstruction was conducted(More)
Superoxide radicals were measured in the blood of six patients who underwent vascular reconstruction after ischemic injury in an attempt to predict prognosis following surgery. Three free-tissue transfers (two free latissimus dorsi flaps, one free vascularized fibular osteocutaneous graft) were performed on patients with skin or bone defects associated with(More)
Changes of serum myosin light chain I (Myosin LCI) concentrations and CK activities were serially measured in 23 patients with acute myocardial infarction. Intracoronary thrombolysis was performed in 14 patients (ICT group) while the remaining 9 patients were treated in the conventional manner (non ICT group). The relationships between the maximum levels of(More)
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