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The regularized Newton method (RNM) is one of the efficient solution methods for the unconstrained convex optimization. It is well-known that the RNM has good convergence properties as compared to the steepest descent method and the pure Newton's method. For example, Li, Fukushima, Qi and Yamashita showed that the RNM has a quadratic rate of convergence(More)
In this paper, we propose a regularized Newton method without line search. The proposed method controls a regularized parameter instead of a step size in order to guarantee the global convergence. We demonstrate that it is closely related to the TR-Newton method when the Hessian of the objective function is positive definite. Moreover, it does not solve(More)
Germinability under low temperature is one of the most important traits in seedling establishment in direct-sowing culture of rice. The objective of this study was the identification of genes responsible for higher and faster germination under low temperature, with the aim of breeding new rice varieties for direct-sowing culture. We identified four(More)
Preface In this thesis, we consider the unconstrained minimization problem and its related problems, such as the system of equations, the nonlinear least squares problem and the nonlinear complementarity problem (NCP). These problems have various applications in the real world, and they are the fundamental problems in nonlinear optimization problems. Thus,(More)
Symbiobacterium thermophilum is an uncultivable bacterium isolated from compost that depends on microbial commensalism. The 16S ribosomal DNA-based phylogeny suggests that this bacterium belongs to an unknown taxon in the Gram-positive bacterial cluster. Here, we describe the 3.57 Mb genome sequence of S.thermophilum. The genome consists of 3338(More)
The authors previously reported that interspecific stimulatory events between Streptomyces species for antibiotic production and/or morphological differentiation mediated by putative diffusible metabolites take place at a high frequency. This paper reports the isolation and characterization of a substance produced by Streptomyces griseus that stimulates the(More)
Exogenous addition of copper stimulates cellular differentiation in Streptomyces spp. Several lines of evidence suggested a parallel correlation between the stimulatory effect of copper and phenol-oxidizing enzyme activities in Streptomyces griseus. Here a novel extracytoplasmic phenol oxidase (EpoA) associated with cellular development of this organism was(More)