Kenji Tsunekawa

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The immediately-early response gene 5 (IER5) has been reported to be induced by γ-ray irradiation and to play a role in the induction of cell death caused by radiation. We previously identified IER5 as one of the 2,3,4-tribromo-3-methyl-1-phenylphospholane 1-oxide (TMPP)-induced transcriptional responses in AML cells, using microarrays that encompassed the(More)
RIO is the primary active queue management technology for handling AF(assured forwarding) class traffic for services that have minimum bandwidth guarantees. However, RIO unfairly allocates the excess AF bandwidth among LSPs(label-switched paths) which have TCP flows aggregated as AF class in a DiffServ-Capable MPLS Network. This issue obstructs the business(More)
To resolve the issue of excess AF bandwidth unfairly allocated by RIO (RED with IN/OUT) among LSPs with AF-class TCP traffic in a Diffserv-capable MPLS network, we previously proposed a technique, called weighted fair RIO (WF-RIO) (K. Tsunekawa, 2004), to allocate excess AF bandwidth among LSPs in proportion to the minimum guaranteed AF bandwidth. In the(More)
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