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A referred cohort of 67 clinically defined PPA patients were compared to 99 AD patients with formal language and nonverbal cognitive tests in a case control design. Language fluency was determined at the first and last follow up visits. Quantitation of sulcal and ventricular atrophy on MRI was carried out in 46 PPA and 53 AD patients. Most PPA patients(More)
Various ways of measuring a glance and estimating a gaze point have been studied in the literature, but they are mainly of two-dimension. We propose a new method to estimate three-dimensional information of a gaze target and to obtain the appearance of the gaze target. We propose the use of two sets of stereo cameras. One is used to measure the(More)
Some evidence indicates that nitric oxide (NO) contributes to inflammation, while other evidence supports the opposite conclusion. To clarify the role of NO in inflammation, we studied carrageenin-induced pleurisy in rats treated with an NO donor (NOC-18), a substrate for NO formation (L-arginine), and/or an NO synthase inhibitor (S-(2-aminoethyl)(More)
The organic cation transporter-3 (OCT3) can transport monoamines, similar to neuronal monoamine transporters. Due to the lack of selective ligands, however, the functional role of OCT3 is still unknown. Thus, we investigated behavioral effects of antisense against OCT3 (AS) in mice. AS (0.075-0.25 microg/0.25 microl/h, for 7 days) dose-dependently decreased(More)
Repeated treatment with methamphetamine (METH) causes long-term behavioral changes, so-called behavioral sensitization (BS), in humans as well as experimental animals. However, there are no reports as to whether repeated METH treatment can establish BS in stress-sensitive Long-Evans (LE) rats. Thus, we investigated the effect of repeated METH treatment (5(More)
Hierarchization by clustering is effective for scalable routing control in an ad hoc network. Due to a constraint from structural features of ad hoc networks, clustering in ad hoc networks should be autonomous decentralized algorithm based on local information. Bio-inspired approach gives a solution of such autonomous decentralized clustering mechanism and(More)
Limited data are available on the background levels of exposure to synthetic pyrethroid (PYR) in Japan, despite their frequent application for agriculture and indoor extermination and possible effects of chronic and/or low-dose PYR exposure on human health. This study was conducted to describe the level and distribution of one of the major PYR metabolites,(More)
OBJECTIVE The mammalian heart contains specific growth hormone-releasing peptide (GHRP) binding sites whose physiological significance is unknown. We sought to compare the effects of GHRP and GH on progressive left ventricular (LV) dysfunction in the TO-2 hamster model of dilated cardiomyopathy. METHODS TO-2 hamsters (8 weeks old) were injected with(More)
The effect of Shiga-like toxin II (SLT-II), which was derived from Escherichia coli O157:H7, on doxorubicin transport across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and P-glycoprotein function, was investigated in ddY mice. Doxorubicin (30 mg kg(-1)) was administered intravenously or fluorescein isothiocyanate labeled dextran (FD-4) was infused (20 microg min(-1)) to(More)
This paper focuses on MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online), a large-scale virtual environment, and we propose GBLT(Group Based Load-distribution technique)-a load dis- tribution method with P2P(Peer-to-Peer)-that can maintain scalability under the high density of user in virtual environ- ment. For a high scalability on a rapid population change, a lot of(More)