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The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident released large amounts of radioactive substances into the environment and contaminated the soil of Tohoku and Kanto districts in Japan. Removal of radioactive material from the environment is an urgent problem, and soil purification using plants is being considered. In this study, we investigated the(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic pain conditions such as phantom limb pain and complex regional pain syndrome are difficult to treat, and traditional pharmacological treatment and invasive neural block are not always effective. Plasticity in the central nervous system occurs in these conditions and may be associated with pain. Mirror visual feedback therapy aims to(More)
— This paper describes integrated/intelligent hu-manoid robot system for daily-life environment tasks. We have realized complex behaviors of a humanoid robot in daily-life environment based on motion planner technique using an environment and manipulation knowledge. However in order to adapt to unknown or dynamic situations, sensor based behavior variation(More)
BACKGROUND Neuro-Sweet disease is a rare condition of central nervous involvement accompanied by cutaneous Sweet lesions. Neuropathological changes in neuro-Sweet disease are unknown. OBJECTIVE To describe post-mortem findings of the first case of neuro-Sweet disease. RESULTS A 44-year-old Japanese man developed recurrent episodes of cerebral and(More)
— This paper presents the implementation and experimental evaluation of a new current-sharing technique for paralleled power converters. This technique uses information naturally encoded in the switching ripple to achieve current sharing and requires no intercell connections for communicating this information. Practical implementation of the approach is(More)
Diapause and hibernation during periods of environmental adversity are essential features of the life cycle in many organisms, yet the molecular basis for these events differs among animals. We have identified an endogenous diapause/hibernation-specific peptide, from the leaf beetle Gastrophysa atrocyanea. This peptide provides antifungal activity, acts as(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated the effect of fermented milk supplementation on glucose metabolism associated with muscle damage after acute exercise in humans. METHODS Eighteen healthy young men participated in each of the three trials of the study: rest, exercise with placebo, and exercise with fermented milk. In the exercise trials, subjects carried(More)
—This paper describes analytical advances and practical experiences in a nonlinear controller design methodology for series resonant dc/dc converters. The control goal is to maintain the output voltage (which is the only measured variable) in the presence of large-load perturbations by varying the switching frequency. The proposed methodology utilizes(More)