Kenji Omata

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(1)H NMR analyses of individual alpha-amino acids in their mixture were simultaneously conducted in the presence of Sm-(pdta-d(8)) in water: high regularity, promising for direct simultaneous determination of absolute configurations of each alpha-amino acids in peptide hydrolysate mixtures, was observed between absolute configuration and the induced shifts.
The aim of this study was to establish the best manufacturing conditions for preparation by the direct compression method of tablets which contain microcapsules having a minimal destruction rate of the coating wall, show the same dissolution pattern as microcapsules, and have enough mechanical strength for practical use, and to elucidate the internal(More)
We report the synthesis of optically active 2-aryl-2-fluoropropionic acids 2 as non-epimerizable mimics of 2-arylpropionic acids 1, a class of compounds which have been widely used as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is a continuation of our research involving the design, synthesis, and evaluation of chiral fluorine-containing organic(More)
During a study on the relationship between the (19)F chemical shift difference for the diastereomeric alpha-cyano-alpha-fluoro-p-tolylacetic acid (CFTA) esters of chiral secondary alcohols and the absolute configurations of the alcohols, an unusually large 19F chemical shift difference has been observed for the CFTA esters of(More)
Direct confirmation of the preferred conformation of diastereomeric esters derived from a chiral secondary alcohol and a chiral derivatizing agent in solution, which is crucial for reliable NMR-based assignment of absolute stereochemistry of the alcohol, has been attained for the first time by examination of IR spectra of the CFTA esters.
In the past 20 years, control methods for two-inertia systems have gradually changed from semi-closed control to full-closed control in order to achieve higher precision positioning. Though there is a trend toward the expansion of the use of load-side encoders in the industry, we can hardly say that control methods using load-side information are(More)
We developed a novel dynamic light scattering system to observe elastic relaxation phenomena with hyper frequency resolution. The principle of the measurement is based on the theory, which describes the dynamic structure factor of fluid under the condition of the frequency dependent compressibility. The dynamic structure factor, which is usually composed of(More)
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