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—A method for accurate estimation of leaf area density (LAD) and the cumulative leaf area index (LAI) profiles of small trees (Camellia sasanqua and Deutzia crenata) under different conditions was demonstrated, which used precise voxel-based tree models produced by high-resolution portable scanning lidar. In this voxel-based canopy profiling (VCP) method,(More)
Factors that contribute to the accuracy of estimating woody canopy's leaf area density (LAD) using 3D portable lidar imaging were investigated. The 3D point cloud data for a Japanese zelkova canopy [Zelkova serrata (Thunberg) Makino] were collected using a portable scanning lidar from several points established on the ground and at 10 m above the ground.(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the photochemical reflectance index (PRI) for assessing plant photosynthetic performance throughout the plant life cycle. The relationships between PRI, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, and leaf pigment indices in Solanum melongena L. (aubergine; eggplant) were studied using photosynthetic induction curves both in short-term(More)
The color of crop leaves is closely correlated with nitrogen (N) status and can be quantified easily with a digital still color camera and image processing software. The establishment of the relationship between image color indices and N status under natural light is important for crop monitoring and N diagnosis in the field. In our study, a digital still(More)
Understanding and diagnosing plant responses to stress will benefit greatly from three-dimensional (3D) measurement and analysis of plant properties because plant responses are strongly related to their 3D structures. Light detection and ranging (lidar) has recently emerged as a powerful tool for direct 3D measurement of plant structure. Here the use of 3D(More)
In the present study, an attempt was made to produce a precise 3D image of a tomato canopy using a portable high-resolution scanning lidar. The tomato canopy was scanned by the lidar from three positions surrounding it. Through the scanning, the point cloud data of the canopy were obtained and they were co-registered. Then, points corresponding to leaves(More)
—Vertical profiles of the leaf area density (LAD) of a Japanese zelkova canopy were estimated by combining airborne and portable ground-based light detection and ranging (lidar) data and using a voxel-based canopy profiling method. The profiles obtained by the two types of lidars complemented each other, eliminating blind regions and yielding more accurate(More)
In order to evaluate how vegetation indices are affected by climatic patterns and to assess the relationships between them in semi-arid ecosystems of Iran, a six year (2000-2005) time series Moderate Resolution Image Spectrometer (MODIS) data over a six month growing season was used for retrieving Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and two(More)
A potent cytotoxic 20-membered macrolide, iriomoteolide-1a (1), has been isolated from a benthic dinoflagellate Amphidinium sp. (strain HYA024), and the structure was elucidated on the basis of detailed analyses of 2-D NMR data. The relative and absolute stereochemistries were assigned by the combination of conformational analyses using NMR data and(More)