Kenji Okabe

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A new technique for evaluating hypernasality using an acoustic approach is presented. In a preliminary study using this technique, nasal resonance was assessed in 17 normal subjects and 16 subjects judged to be hypernasal. Analyses of the one-third-octave power spectra revealed an increase in power level between the first and second formant, and a reduction(More)
The factor structure and internal consistency of the Japanese adaptation of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Form Y (STAI-JY) were examined for 218 Japanese clinical outpatients (86 males, 132 females) with psychiatric and/or psychosomatic complaints. An initial principal-component analysis revealed that the first three components were considered to(More)
Arrival of agonist is generally thought to initiate the signal transduction process in G protein-receptor coupled systems. However, the muscarinic atrial K+ (K+[ACh]) channel opens spontaneously in the absence of applied agonist, giving a noisy appearance to the current records. We investigated the nature and origin of the noise by measuring single channel(More)
Membrane properties of the human pregnant myometrium were investigated with the conventional microelectrode and patch clamp methods. The majority of preparations produced spontaneous action potentials at a very low frequency, and action potentials were inhibited in sodium-deficient or calcium-free solutions. With the patch clamp technique with 120 mmol/L(More)
Heterotrimeric G3 proteins are though to couple receptors to ionic channels via cytoplasmic mediators such as cGMP in the case of retinal rods, cAMP in the case of olfactory cells, and the cAMP cascade in the case of cardiac myocytes. G protein-mediated second messenger effects on K+ channels are dealt with elsewhere in this series. Recently,(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the actions of 17beta-estradiol on the electrical activity of pregnant rat myometrium. The longitudinal layer of the myometrium was dissected from pregnant rats (17 to 19 days of gestation), and single cells were isolated by enzymatic digestion. Calcium currents and potassium currents were recorded by the(More)
Guanine nucleotide binding (G) proteins are heterotrimers that couple a wide range of receptors to ionic channels. The coupling may be indirect, via cytoplasmic agents, or direct, as has been shown for two K+ channels and two Ca2+ channels. One example of direct G protein gating is the atrial muscarinic K+ channel K+[ACh], an inwardly rectifying K+ channel(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to quantitatively assess the effects of oxytocin on membrane properties in the pregnant human myometrium. STUDY DESIGN Specimens were obtained from the lower uterine segment during cesarean section at term. Electrical activity was recorded from individual cells by a conventional microelectrode method and the membrane functions(More)
The properties of hyperpolarization-activated current in pregnant rat uterus (17-19 days gestation) were investigated using microelectrode and patch-clamp techniques, and isometric tension recording. The resting membrane potentials were -58.4 mV and -48.5 mV in longitudinal and circular muscle cells, respectively. Application of hyperpolarizing current(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the actions of estradiol on spontaneous and evoked action potentials in the isolated longitudinal smooth muscle cells of the pregnant rat. Single cells were obtained by enzymatic digestion from pregnant rat longitudinal myometrium. Action potentials and currents were recorded by whole-cell current-clamp and(More)