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Naturally occurring symbioramide, (2S,3R,2'R,3'E)-N-(2'-hydroxy-3'-octadecenoyl)-dihydrosphingosine 1a, was synthesized from d-erythro-dihydrosphingosine (amino part, 2) and (2R,3E)-2-hydroxy-3-octadecenoic acid (acid part, 3a), both of which were prepared from l-serine. Its diastereomer, (2S,3R,2'S,3'E)-1b, having an enantiomer of the unnatural-type acid(More)
The photocatalytic property of TiO(2) is utilized to sterilize the Giardia lamblia in an aqueous solution in this study. The TiO(2) colloidal solution used for the film was prepared by the modified hydrothermal method and it was directly coated on a UV-lamp, which was set up using a photoreactor manufactured in our laboratory. The TiO(2) film was very(More)
The signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is a transcription factor that is involved in a variety of biological functions. STAT3 is activated by cytokines and growth factors via the phosphorylation of a tyrosine residue, dimerization, and subsequent nuclear translocation. However, the mechanism of its nuclear translocation is unclear. A(More)
(2R,3Z)-, (2R,3E)-, (2S,3Z) and (2S,3E)-2-Acetylamino-3-octadecen-1-ol, and (2R)- and (2S)-2-acetylamino-octadecan-1-ol were prepared using the Wittig olefination of Garner's aldehyde (N-Boc-N,O-isopropylidene-L- or D-serinal) from L- or D-serine. The apoptotic activities of these saturated and unsaturated 2-acetylaminoalcohols were examined in human(More)
The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is an enormous structure embedded in the double membrane of the nuclear envelope that acts as a passageway for nucleocytoplasmic transport. The vertebrate NPC is comprised of about 30 unique proteins. Nup62/p62, a major component of the NPC, has been reported to interact directly with several nuclear transport factors,(More)
Using a multipeptide synthesizer we synthesized 19 peptide libraries, each of which consisted of 19 MIP-related tetrapeptides, and isolated a number of peptides, which have an inhibitory effect on phasic contraction of the ABRM of Mytilus, from the libraries. To the present, the structures of about 30 species of the peptides were determined, and the(More)
The apoptotic activities of non-natural ceramide homologues, C2-homo-ceramide, C2-homo-dihydroceramide, C2-bishomo-ceramide and C2-bishomo-dihydroceramide, were examined using human leukemia HL-60 cells. The apoptotic activity was in order of C2-ceramide>C2-homo-ceramide approximately C2-bishomo-ceramide and the activities of the L-erythro- and(More)
We study conformation-dependent photophysical properties of polythiophene (PT) by molecular dynamics simulations and by ensemble and single-molecule optical experiments. We use a graft copolymer consisting of a polythiophene backbone and long polystyrene branches and compare its properties with those obtained on the same polythiophene derivative without the(More)
Nup98 is a component of nuclear pore complexes, which are large protein assemblies embedded in the nuclear envelope. Previous studies have shown that Nup98 interacts with several transport factors and plays a critical part in nuclear trafficking. However, the mechanism by which Nup98 contributes to nuclear trafficking is not clear. The present study reports(More)