Kenji Nishiura

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Innate immune responses have a critical role in the control of early virus replication and dissemination. It remains unknown, however, how severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) evades respiratory innate immunity to establish a systemic infection. Here we show in Chinese macaques that SARS-CoV traversed the mucosa through the respiratory(More)
The increasing prevalence of HIV-1 among men having sex with men (MSM) calls for an investigation of HIV-1 prevalence and incidence in MSM by early diagnosis to assist with early preventive interventions in Hong Kong. The participants were recruited randomly from MSM communities within a one-year period. Rapid HIV Test (RHT) and real-time dried blood spot(More)
Hysterics are not uncommonly believed by others to be deliberate malingerers; they may be accused of being sick for a purpose. Such an assumption has come to be considered as showing naivete on the part of the accusers from the formal psychiatric point of view. The case histories of two hysterical in-patients who conducted themselves 'hysterically' on the(More)
The subjects were 95 medical and surgical inpatients referred to Kyushu University Hospital Psychiatric Consultation Service. The authors studied the mental status of each referred patient and elicited some Unclassified mental status cases. It was recommended, therefore, to bring in new concepts of normal condition and polymorphous condition in dealing with(More)
A one-year survey was conducted on the psychiatric consultation work at Kyushu University Hospital. It was found that an organic brain syndrome was the most frequent psychiatric diagnosis of the referred patients. The most frequent purpose of request for psychiatric consultations was for the management of the patient. The main consultant functions were(More)
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