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  • Tadashi Kaneko, Shunji Kasaoka, Takashi Nakahara, Hirotaka Sawano, Yoshio Tahara, Mamoru Hase +12 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) is a standard strategy to reduce brain damage in post-cardiac arrest syndrome (PCAS) patients. However, it is unknown whether the target temperature should be adjusted for PCAS patients in different states. METHODS Participants in the J-PULSE-Hypo study database were divided into lower (32.0-33.5 °C; Group L) or(More)
BACKGROUND Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a most common cause of secondary hypertension. In PA, left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is more progressive than in any other cause of hypertension. Aldosterone-producing adenoma (APA) and idiopathic hyperaldosteronism (IHA) are major subtypes of PA. However there is little information concerned with differences of(More)
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