Kenji Nishida

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A processing element and a structure element of data flow computer SIGMA-1 for scientific computations is now operational. The elements are evaluated for several benchmark programs. For efficient execution of loop constructs, the sticky token mechanism which holds loop invariants is evaluated and exhibits a remarkable effect. From the standpoint that(More)
Global cellular responses induced by epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor (EGFR) occur immediately with a less than 1% occupancy among tens of thousands of EGFR molecules on single cell surface. Activation of EGFR requires the formation of a signaling dimer of EGFR bound with a single ligand to each molecule. How sufficient numbers of signaling dimers are(More)
The design and performance of a priority f omarding router chip are presented. The chip has four input and four output ports, employs clock-synch,ronited packet switching, and facilitates 32-bit priority arbitration by means of a priority forwarding scheme that prevents priohty inversion and enables accurate pr i ority control within a network. Packets are(More)
This paper presents a method for improving parsing performance of parsers for HPSG. The method was obtained by extending Torisawa’s parsing method for HPSG. His parsing method utilizes a CFG compiled from a given HPSG-based grammar, and the parser predicts the possible parse trees with the CFG. Since the amount of unification is reduced because of this(More)
The life history and early stages of the satyrine butterfly Manataria maculata are described and illustrated from Costa Rica. Eggs are laid on Lasiacis sp. (Panicoideae), a new non-bamboo host plant for the genus Manataria. The larval stage varied from 23 to 28 days, and the pupal duration was approximately 12 days when reared on Bambusa vulgaris and Guadua(More)
The New World genus Eucalantica Busck, 1904 is reviewed. It comprises seven species, six of which are described as new: Eucalantica costaricae Sohn & Nishida, sp. n., Eucalantica ehecatlella Sohn & Nishida, sp. n., Eucalantica icarusella Sohn & Nishida, sp. n., Eucalantica powelli Sohn, sp. n., and Eucalantica pumila Sohn, sp. n., all five from Costa Rica;(More)
In this paper, kernel feature selection is proposed to improve generalization performance of boosting classifiers. Kernel feature Selection attains the feature selection and model selection at the same time using a simple selection algorithm. The algorithm automatically selects a subset of kernel features for each classifier and combines them according to(More)
An 81-year-old woman presented with frequent episodes of hypoglycemia. Her serum level of insulin was normal, but her serum insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-II level was high. She was found to have a spindle cell sarcoma originated from the mesentery of the sigmoid colon, which was completely resected. Postoperatively, hypoglycemia ameliorated with(More)