Kenji Murao

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We present a method of approximating an invariant measure of a dynamical system from a nite set of experimental data. Our reconstruction technique automatically provides us with a partition of phase space, and we assign each set in the partition a certain weight. By reening the partition, we may make our approximation to an invariant measure of the(More)
This paper describe a method for identifying fault-prone modules. The method utilizes metrics transitions rather than raw metrics values. Metrics transitions are measured from the source code of consecutive versions, which is archived in software repositories. Metrics transitions should be an good indicator of software quality because they reflect how the(More)
This paper proposes a method for software characteristic analysis based on software metrics transitions. Software metrics transitions can be measured from development historical information archived by version control system, and they can be used for identifying peculiar modules, metrics, and changes of the software system. Identification of those elements(More)
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