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This paper proposes a novel CT image coding concept named LOI which stands for level of interest and coding methods based on that concept. The well-known ROI (region of interest) coding gives priority to pixels in particular regions of an image when encoding or decoding the image. Similarly, LOI coding gives priority to the pixels having a particular pixel(More)
In this paper, we propose a human activity recognition method from first-person videos, which provides a supplementary method to improve the recognition accuracy. Conventional methods detect objects and derive a user's behavior based on their taxonomy. One of the recent works has achieved accuracy improvement by determining key objects based on hand(More)
This paper investigates substrate noise influence on circuit performance in a variable threshold-voltage scheme (VT scheme) where threshold voltage is dynamically varied by substrate-bias control to reduce active power dissipation. It is experimentally examined that substrate-bias can be controlled stably with very few substrate-contacts. Measured tracking(More)
This paper presents UTMesh -- a test bed for wireless mesh networking and delay (or disruption) tolerant networking developed in the University of Tokyo. We have customized 51 embedded Linux computers for experiment-oriented use cases, and let them powered by rechargeable batteries in order to flexibly deploy everywhere depending on the experiment(More)
This paper proposes a hierarchical secret sharing method for image data. In the conventional secret sharing scheme (SSS), secret data is reconstructed only if more shares are gathered and combine than a pre-decided number, k. Though large k makes a strong security feature, it creates problems with the handling of the many shares required to reconstruct the(More)
We present an autopsy case of 30-day-old female infant who had hidrotic ectodermal dyplasia with ichthyosiform erythroderma-like skin changes and low value of migration test of neutrophils. At the time of birth she had the abscence of hairs, eyelashes, eyebrows , dystrophic nails, erythema and hyperkeratosis with scales on whole body. Autopsy revealed the(More)
Histochemical and morphological studies in culture were carried out on 4 cases from the normal human adrenal cortex (NHA), 1 case from CUSHING'S adenoma (CS), 4 cases from CONN'S adenoma (primary aldosteronism, PA) and 1 case from adrenocorti-cal carcinoma (ACC). Cultured cells from CS and ACC transformed rapidly into fibroblast-like cells, while those from(More)