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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether the insulin resistance index (IR) assessed by homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) is associated with the insulin resistance index assessed by euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp (clamp IR) in type 2 diabetic patients who received sulfonylureas (SUs), as well as in those treated by diet alone. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is catalysed by cyclo-oxygenase (COX), as is arachidonic acid, and is a competitive inhibitor of arachidonate metabolism. OBJECTIVES We examined the effect of EPA on prostaglandin (PG) D2 generation in the cultured human mast cells with IgE-anti-IgE challenge incubation. METHODS Cultured human mast cells were(More)
From 1988 to 1992, 1188 children (576 boys and 612 girls) three to 11 years old were studied using the Stasio-analyzer to clarify developmental change of upright postural sway. Developmental change in the contact surface area of the sole, the coefficient of variation for the contact surface area, total sway area, total sway path and position of the centre(More)
Although the clinical manifestations of acute sarin poisoning have been reported in detail, no comprehensive study of the chronic physical and psychiatric effects of acute sarin poisoning has been carried out. To clarify the chronic effects of sarin on the nervous system, a cross-sectional epidemiologic study was conducted 3 years after the Tokyo subway(More)
We cloned a cDNA for the rat mu-opioid receptor from a rat thalamus cDNA library. The deduced amino-acid sequence of rat mu-opioid receptor consists of 398 residues with the features shared by the members of the G-protein coupled receptor family, and is 59% and 60% identical with those of rat kappa-opioid and mouse delta-opioid receptors, respectively.(More)
Intrarenal hemodynamics were studied by duplex Doppler sonography in 112 inpatients with type II diabetes mellitus (DM; 65 males, 47 females, 58 +/- 13 years old). The resistive index (RI) and pulsatility index (PI) of the interlobar arteries were calculated. The patients were divided into four groups: group I consisted of patients with urinary albumin(More)
The previous electrophysiological study reported that some of the Purkinje cells in the vestibulocerebellum were innervated by branching climbing fibers. To identify the cells of origin of these branching climbing fibers, a pair of retrograde fluorescent tracers, propidium iodide in combination with 4', 6-diamidino-2-phenylindole or diamidino yellow, were(More)
Olivocerebellar branching projections to the flocculus, nodulus and uvula were studied electrophysiologically in pigmented rabbits anesthetized with pentobarbital and halothane. Neurons in the dorsal cap of the inferior olive were antidromically activated by stimulation of the contralateral flocculus, nodulus and uvula. The antidromic responses in the(More)
A full-length cDNA encoding a novel cytosolic protein-tyrosine phosphatase (PTP), PTP-BAS, was cloned from human basophils. Due to in-frame deletions in the coding region, PTP-BAS exists in three isoforms: 7,455 bp (2,485 aa) for type 1, 7,398 bp (2,466 aa) for type 2 and 6,882 bp (2,294 aa) for type 3. All three isoforms contain a single PTP catalytic(More)