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According to the past researches, a TCP Ve-gas version is able to achieve higher throughput than TCP Tahoe and Reno versions, which are widely used in the current Internet. However, we need to consider a migration path for TCP Vegas to be deployed in the Internet. By fo-cusing on the situation where TCP Reno and Vegas connections share the bottleneck link,(More)
Neuronal activity was studied in the premotor cortex (PM) of two rhesus monkeys, each of which performed both forelimb and hindlimb movements. On each trial, the monkey received a visual instruction stimulus (IS) that indicated whether a foot or a hand movement would be rewarded on that trial. After a delay period, during which the monkey withheld an overt(More)
We compared set-related premotor cortex activity in two conditional motor tasks. In both tasks, a rhesus monkey moved its forelimb to one of two possible targets on the basis of visuospatial instruction stimuli. One target was located to the left of the limb's starting position, the other to the right. In the directional task, a white light situated within(More)
Pre-cue activity, the neuronal modulation that precedes a predictable stimulus, was studied in the premotor cortex of three rhesus monkeys. In one condition, a directional cue dictated the timing and target of a forelimb movement. In another condition, a nondirectional cue provided identical timing information but did not indicate the target. Of 501(More)
"Set-related activity" has been defined as a significant alteration in neuronal discharge rate during an "instructed delay period," a period when a previously instructed movement is being withheld. It has been argued that set-related activity in the primate premotor cortex, or at least a significant proportion of it, reflects motor preparation. In most(More)
Blue light effects on the acclimation of energy partitioning characteristics in PSII and CO2 assimilation capacity in spinach to high growth irradiance were investigated. Plants were grown hydroponically in different light treatments that were a combination of two light qualities and two irradiances,i.e. white light and blue-deficient light at(More)
We compared neuronal activity in the premotor (PM) and supplementary motor cortex (SM) of two rhesus monkeys as they performed two tasks. In an externally-instructed task, a visuospatial instruction stimulus indicated which of two touch pads should be the target of a forelimb movement. In an internally-instructed task, the visuospatial stimulus was either(More)
In rice plants grown under red light supplemented with blue light (red/blue-light PPFD ratio was 4/1), photosynthetic rates per unit leaf area measured under white light at 1,600 and 250 micromol m-2) s-1 were higher than those in the plants grown under red light alone. The higher photosynthetic rates were associated with higher total N content of leaves,(More)
TCP Vegas version is expected to achieve higher throughput than TCP Tahoe and Reno versions, which are currently used in the Internet. However, we need to consider a migration path of TCP Vegas when it is deployed in the Internet. In this paper, we focus on the situation where multiple TCP Reno and Vegas connections coexist at the bottleneck router, by(More)
Hypoparathyroidism caused by gain-of-function mutations of the calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) in the transmembrane domain is usually severe and difficult to manage. A patient with severe hypoparathyroidism, caused by CaR activating mutation F821L, was treated for 3 days (Day 1 to Day 3) with synthetic human parathyroid hormone 1-34 (teriparatide, PTH). An(More)