Kenji Kurata

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Neuronal activity was studied in the premotor cortex (PM) of two rhesus monkeys, each of which performed both forelimb and hindlimb movements. On each trial, the monkey received a visual instruction stimulus (IS) that indicated whether a foot or a hand movement would be rewarded on that trial. After a delay period, during which the monkey withheld an overt(More)
We compared neuronal activity in the premotor (PM) and supplementary motor cortex (SM) of two rhesus monkeys as they performed two tasks. In an externally-instructed task, a visuospatial instruction stimulus indicated which of two touch pads should be the target of a forelimb movement. In an internally-instructed task, the visuospatial stimulus was either(More)
Single cell recordings were made from the premotor cortex (lateral part of area 6) of a monkey trained to perform either a distal hindlimb or forelimb movement separately. Out of 175 movement-related neurons, 59 neurons showed modulation of activity only prior to the hindlimb movement, and the majority of them was distributed in a focal region around the(More)
According to the past researches, a TCP Vegas version is able to achieve higher throughput than TCP Tahoe and Reno versions, which are widely used in the current Internet. However, we need to consider a migration path for TCP Vegas to be deployed in the Internet. By focusing on the situation where TCP Reno and Vegas connections share the bottleneck link, we(More)
We compared set-related premotor cortex activity in two conditional motor tasks. In both tasks, a rhesus monkey moved its forelimb to one of two possible targets on the basis of visuospatial instruction stimuli. One target was located to the left of the limb's starting position, the other to the right. In the directional task, a white light situated within(More)
In rice plants grown under red light supplemented with blue light (red/blue-light PPFD ratio was 4/1), photosynthetic rates per unit leaf area measured under white light at 1,600 and 250 micromol m-2) s-1 were higher than those in the plants grown under red light alone. The higher photosynthetic rates were associated with higher total N content of leaves,(More)
Automation could enhance the use of somatic embryogenesis for micropropagation in two ways: as effective tools for research on somatic embryogenesis, and for improving the efficiency of embryo production by reducing labor costs. Processes expected to be automated for somatic embryo production are: (1) evaluation of embryogenic cultures, (2) embryo(More)
Blue light effects on the acclimation of energy partitioning characteristics in PSII and CO2 assimilation capacity in spinach to high growth irradiance were investigated. Plants were grown hydroponically in different light treatments that were a combination of two light qualities and two irradiances,i.e. white light and blue-deficient light at(More)
We treated a rare case of malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) of soft tissue that produced granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF). The patient, an 80-year-old woman, was admitted because of a feeling of abdominal fullness and leg edema. An elastic, hard, tender tumor was palpated in the right thigh. Histopathological examinations of the tumor(More)
A 54-year-old man, who had been diagnosed as having MPO-ANCA-related glomerulonephritis in 1993, developed severe anemia and was admitted to our hospital on October, 1997. Endoscopic examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract revealed melena due to duodenal ulcer (Dieulafoy type). The level of ANCA titer was elevated considerably (640 EU), but(More)