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A new 77 GHz single-chip radar sensor has been developed, which encapsulates a GaAs p-HEMT transceiver MMIC with an on-chip patch antenna in a resin-molded package integrated with a resin collimating lens on the top to achieve an EIRP of 13.5 dBm and a receiving gain of 8 dB. The packaged sensor, measuring 6.5times4.4times6.0 mm<sup>3</sup> with only DC and(More)
This paper proposes a music similarity retrieval method considering the shift of the pitch and the difference of tempos of music pieces. These are not considered in the current various services yet. The proposed method can retrieve music pieces arranged from the original ones as similar ones. The proposed method uses the pitch information and the length of(More)
— Measuring the level of liquid or solid is an important process in a container in various process industries. This paper presents the design of a capacitance transducer using a 555 timer circuit measuring the capacitance in terms of frequency and interfaced to a microcontroller to provide an accurate level measurement system. The whole system was tested(More)
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