Kenji Kagawa

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Tuberous sclerosis complex is commonly associated with medically intractable seizures. We previously demonstrated that high uptake of alpha-[11C]methyl-L-tryptophan (AMT) on positron emission tomography (PET) occurs in a subset of epileptogenic tubers consistent with the location of seizure focus. In the present study, we analyzed the surgical outcome of(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the ictal subdural electroencephalogram (EEG) changes using spectral analysis, and to delineate the quantitatively defined ictal onset zones on high-resolution 3D MR images in children with intractable neocortical epilepsy. METHODS Fourteen children with intractable neocortical epilepsy (age: 1-16 years) who had subsequent resective(More)
Hypoglycemic hemiparesis is rare and can be misdiagnosed as cerebral infarction or transient ischemic attack. Early diagnosis of these two disorders is critical because, if not treated with prompt glucose administration, hypoglycemia may lead to a fatal clinical course. We reported two cases of hypoglycemic hemiparesis with a reversible splenial lesion on(More)
The progressive nature of Sturge-Weber syndrome is well known, but the mechanisms of focal cortical and subcortical degeneration in this disorder are poorly understood. In the present study, we assessed the structural and functional integrity of gray and white matter in unihemispheric Sturge-Weber syndrome using quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)(More)
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