Kenji Ichijo

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A Current design of a system-on-chip (SoC) technology is constructing under increasing demand for high performance, small size and energy-efficient design. To fulfill these demands, it is required to consider a suitable design for on chip interconnection network. In this paper, we design a prototype of communications unit (CU) for a network-on-chip (NoC)(More)
In this paper, we describe the performance measurement of a new DSP processor based on the dataflow execution model. Our proposed DSP processor is in contrast to most recent DSP processors based on von Neumann paradigm. We call our DSP as LSC-Based DSP because it is a specialized Loop Structured Computer (LSC) which is a parallel dataflow computer developed(More)
This paper presents an innovative approach to solve probability distributions of a closed feed back loop type queuing system with general service time distribution. This model is applied to a multi-processors system where some of its nodes are performed a repair procedure during a node’s malfunction condition. Our model is appropriate for a multiprocessor(More)
In recent computer networks, amount of redundant traffic by services including video delivery is increasing. Our research group improved performance of network node that reduces the redundant traffic with the packet cache. When differences of byte offsets among redundant streams increase, the node requires large cache. We implemented the new function in the(More)
We have evolved several types of Loop Structured Computers (LSCs) to build a system with small hardware overhead to apply it system-on-chip (SoC). In recent studies, we investigated control flow methods with software-based approach with a general-purpose instruction set. In this paper, we proposed two specialized instruction sets for communications in order(More)
In recent computer networks, the same data are often transferred repeatedly. We have developed network nodes with packet caches in order to reduce such redundant traffic in TCP/IP network. We call the node TR node. In our previous researches, we had to set up locating information of the TR nodes statically for decision of their function. Additionally, the(More)
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