Kenji Hiranabe

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1. Abstract When you introduce Extreme Programming (XP) to your project, the team gets fresh energy and high efficiency. However, sustaining the good condition becomes difficult when you are attacked by its side effects. We call these XP side effects "AntiPractices", just as AntiPatterns come from Patterns. "Turning all the knobs up to 10" is the XP way,(More)
As a practical opportunity for educating Japanese young developers in the field of embedded software development, a software design contest involving the design of software to automatically control a line-trace robot, and conduct running performance tests was held. In this paper,we give the results of the contest from the viewpoint of software quality(More)
In Agile projects, it is a common practice to visualize and share project status in " big visible charts " on a wall of the project room. In this paper, I explore visualization methods found widely in agile projects these days, and then propose using Kanban Boards to organize three viewpoints (Time, Task, and Team) so that the whole team understands the(More)
Requirement Gathering or Gathering User Stories (in Agile context) is always a challenging phase in software development. There are no standard processes or notations defined, In addition, communication and facilitation skills are the primary factor that makes the activity effective. In this paper, I propose a new method for exploring " User Wish " using(More)
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