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BACKGROUND The international controversy surrounding the use and effectiveness of the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine and the low incidence of tuberculosis (TB) among Japanese children prompted this study. METHODS We compared 'universal BCG vaccination' with 'no vaccination at all' using a cost-effectiveness analysis. The study population was a(More)
BACKGROUND In addition to cigarettes, bidi, made of unprocessed and low-grade tobacco, is being smoked widely in Bangladesh and in other south Asian countries. The cause-and-effect relationship is established between thromboangiitis obliterans (TAO) and smoking. However, type of smoking material(s) most strongly related to TAO is not yet determined. (More)
A male, born on December 8, 1956, during the period when many Minamata diseases broke out in a district. His parents who ate much fish and shell fish taken in Minamata Bay suffered from the light, incomplete Minamata disease showing sensory disturbance, the constriction of the visual field, muscular weakness, etc. He weighed 3,225 gr. upon the normal birth(More)
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