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Strength training has been shown to cause acute detrimental effects on running performance. However, there is limited investigation on the effect of various strength training variables, whilst controlling eccentric contraction velocity, on running performance. The present study examined the effects of intensity and volume (i.e. whole body vs. lower body(More)
Whilst various studies have examined lower extremity joint kinematics during running, there is limited investigation on joint kinematics at steady-state running and at intensities close to exhaustion. Subsequently, the purpose of this study was to determine whether the reliability of kinematics in the lower extremity and thorax is affected by varying the(More)
INTRODUCTION Impairments in social functioning are associated with an array of adverse outcomes. Social skills measures are commonly used by health professionals to assess and plan the treatment of social skills difficulties. There is a need to comprehensively evaluate the quality of psychometric properties reported across these measures to guide assessment(More)
This study examined neuromuscular adaptations in recreational endurance runners during 24 weeks of same-session combined endurance and strength training (E+S, n=13) vs. endurance training only (E, n=14). Endurance training was similar in the 2 groups (4-6x/week). Additional maximal and explosive strength training was performed in E+S always after(More)
INTRODUCTION Improving occupational performance is a key service of occupational therapists and client-centred approach to care is central to clinical practice. As such it is important to comprehensively evaluate the quality of psychometric properties reported across measures of occupational performance; in order to guide assessment and treatment planning.(More)
The aim was to critically appraise the methodological quality of studies and determine the psychometric qualities of Past-week and Usual-week Physical Activity Questionnaires (PAQs). Data sources were obtained from Pubmed and Embase. The eligibility criteria for selecting studies included: 1) at least one psychometric property of PAQs was examined in(More)
This study examined the acute effect of strength and endurance training sequence on running economy (RE) at 70% and 90% ventilatory threshold (VT) and on running time to exhaustion (TTE) at 110% VT the following day. Fourteen trained and moderately trained male runners performed strength training prior to running sessions (SR) and running prior to strength(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare kinematics and muscle activity between chin-ups and lat-pull down exercises and between muscle groups during the two exercises. Normalized electromyography (EMG) of biceps brachii (BB), triceps brachii (TB), pectoralis major (PM), latissimus dorsi (LD), rectus abdominus (RA), and erector spinae (ES) and kinematics of(More)
ISSUE ADDRESSED The Men's Shed movement supports a range of men's health promotion initiatives. This paper examines whether a Men's Shed typology could inform future research and enable more efficient and targeted health promotion activities through Men's Sheds. METHODS The International Men's Shed Survey consisted of a cross-sectional exploration of(More)
BACKGROUND The precise coordination between breathing and swallowing is an important mechanism to prevent pulmonary aspiration. Factors that alter breathing patterns and ventilation, such as chronic respiratory diseases, may influence that precise coordination of breathing and swallowing. PURPOSE The purpose of this systematic literature review is to(More)